A picture is a poem without words



Visual art and Design is a powerful medium to express and communicate in a way that requires no words.  At MPS we have an excellent, experienced teacher who has guided many students to distinctions in matric and inspired others to pursue their talents further at University. 

  • From Gr. 1-7 Art forms part of every year’s education, either by the class teacher (Gr. 1-3), or in Gr. 4-7 by a more specialised teacher.

  • From Gr. 8-9 Visual Art can be chosen as one of the following 4 Creative Subjects:   

Art/Design - Drama - Music - Dance​

      NOTE: Music and Dance lessons are offered privately at the school and the teachers will be paid individually.

  • From Gr. 10-12 Visual Art and Design can be taken as part of the school subject choices.