In the Foundation Phase learners are exposed to practical learning experiences which enables them to learn through ‘the hands on approach’ including Language Enrichment Programmes aimed at developing storytelling and writing through improvisation and acting.

In the Intermediate and Senior Phase every child is encouraged, motivated and guided so that they develop their natural gifts and talents while becoming confident, ambitious and independent learners who know how to make informed decisions about the choices they make in life. In Grade 7 learners have an opportunity to develop their Entrepreneurial skills through running their own stall and leadership skills through a Leadership Development Programme. Meetings are held every week to discuss issues and make decisions on changes that we can make to make the school even better. 


Teachers of each grade meet once a term, or when the need arises, with the Teacher Support Team (TST). The TST for a particular grade is made up of the three grade educators and the remedial teacher (or SENCO*), who is the TST chairperson. The TST meets to evaluate the performance of each of the children in that particular grade. The TST advises the class teacher on how best to deal with the particular barriers the children may be experiencing.

Those children with specific learning challenges are identified, and after perusing the particular learner’s “Profile” a programme of intervention is designed. The learner’s parents are informed of the TST’s recommendation.



(Special Education Needs Co-ordinator)

In order to ensure that MPS Primary School is an inclusive, equal-opportunity educational environment, the school has a SENCO based at the school.


The role of the SENCO is to arrange TST meetings as well as liaise with and compile information from parents, teachers and others in the particular child’s multi-disciplinary educational team. In so doing, a decision can be made and implemented as to the best educational approach to help the child.


Learning Support lessons are offered to children in Grade 1-3 who are experiencing difficulties with school work.

These children may attend individual lessons or group lessons with children who are facing similar problems (maximum of four children per group). Remedial lessons are attended during the normal school day.

An additional fee is charged for these classes.


FREE EXTRA Mathematics and Language lessons are offered in the afternoons to children in Grades 4-7.

Tutoring may also be recommended if a child requires some extra attention in other subjects.



Those children who have been identified with specific speech and/or language problems may attend Speech-Language Therapy during the school hours.

The therapist liaises closely with the TST and is available for meetings with parents and teachers.

Additional fees are charged for these classes.


Children who need assistance with the development of fine and gross motor skills, visual perception, visual motor integration and sensory integration may be referred to the Occupational Therapist. An OT visits the school twice a week, and therapy is offered during the school day.

The therapist liaises closely with the TST and is available for meetings with parents and teachers.

Additional fees are charged for these classes.


An academic or emotional assessment by an Educational Psychologist will be suggested if any child is struggling to make sufficient progress after attending TAT or Remedial lessons.